Barrier Free Mosquito Net manufactured by Mosquito Net Systems is by far the best and smoothest product of its class in India. Barrier Free Mosquito Net is the solution for main doors and wooden doors without threshold. The 20 mm Plisse mesh moves on caterpillar chain over a 5mm thick guide strip. The guide strip is pasted on floor with 3 M double side tape. 20 mm Plisse mesh takes less stacking space thus reducing the overall stacking space. The caterpillar chain is made using special polymers which remain smooth even in dusty conditions of India. The highlights are

caterpillar Chain – Special Polymers to keep all Chain Links Smooth on Dusty Floor.
Modular Attachment – Width 6 mtrs with help of attaching 6 modules of 1 mtr each.
Clip on Brackets – High tension Clip on Brackets for installing Mosquito Net with frame
C Locking Track – C Track with central magnet & overlap for complete sealing.
90 Degree Bracket – Right Angle 90 Degree Bracket for Rectangular Window.
Guide Strip – ABS Guide Strip, No abuse or foot fall traffic can spoil the strip