Partition System

Honeycomb Blackout can be used with Barrier Free System to fabricate Retractable doors. These doors can be used to provide additional space in apartments & offices. Space is the most expensive thing for to be wasted and in situations like walk-in dresser & bedroom, Retractable Honeycomb door can be used. The benefits are manifold for a user

  • Space Saving
  • Privacy Ensured
  • Looks Beautiful
  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • The fabric is very sturdy as the inside of Honeycomb is lined with aluminium foil. Apart from strength aluminium foil is good insulator for heat & light. The fabric is available in 5 shades & is waterproof. The fabric should not be used in exterior doors. The product can also be used as collapsible doors for trial rooms, doors for conference rooms & doors for storage area in kitchen. The fabric can be replaced at a nominal cost as and when the user wants