Magnetic Mosquito Net Screen – Do It Yourself (DIY) Insect Protection System has been launched in Indian market in last 8 months. As the consumers are searching online for more choices of good mosquito screen and as installation team is difficult to find and are more expensive, DIY – Do It Yourself concept is new addition in market place. Magnetic Mosquito Screen is a very consumer friendly product and has a 4 step process from start to finish. It is as easy as saying 1,2,3,4

  1. Easy to Measure
  2. Easy to Order
  3. Easy to Fabricate
  4. Easy to Install

The Product

Magnetic Mosquito Net consists of 6 components
  1. PVC Strip with Groove to hold the mesh. The length of PVC groove can be 2.5 or 3.0 meters and is available in several colors. Ensure PVC Strip is extruded of virgin PVC or else it will of very low quality and will break in heat within a short period. If the material of PVC strip is recycled PVC then the brittle strip will when magnet strip is press fitted in the groove. The strips should be thin enough to be cut by ordinary scissors.
  2. Magnetic Strip for inserting in the groove of PVC strip to hold the mesh tightly in place. Magnetic Strip is available in rolls of 50 meters length. The magnetic strip has to have long lasting magnetic power. Some companies offer life time warranty of magnetic strip power. The magnetic strip has to be soft enough to be press fitted in the groove of PVC strip.
  3. Magnetic Strip with double side adhesive tape for anchoring/sticking on frame of window. The double side tape should be either VHB – Very High Bonding Adhesive from a good company or from the branded company 3M. The magnetic strip roll is 50 meters in length and it should be soft & ductile. The magnetic strip has to be strong in magnetic pull as this strip is the anchor for Magnetic Mosquito System.
  4. Corners with Pull Clip – The 4 corners are made from hard plastic and are very strong. The PVC strips are inserted in the corners to fabricate Magnetic Mosquito Net system. The edges and finish of corners should be smooth so that it does not cut the fingers of person who is fabricating the net. The pull clip should be made of stainless steel so that it does not rust. The pull clip should be strong enough to pull the mesh up when an user wants to close or open window shutter.
  5. Wind Clips & Connectors – Wind Clips have double side tape on the rear and they are stuck on the window at strategic points so that the wind does not blow Magnetic Mosquito Net away. Wind clips are made of mild steel sheet and are powder coated in the same colour as PVC strip. Connectors are meant to connect 2 PVC strip to make bigger Magnetic screen (Which is not advised) or to use smaller strips and save some money.

Please be advised that Magnetic Mosquito Net is DIY – Do It Yourself product and even an young girl of 12 can easily fabricate & install it on her windows.