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Pleated Mosquito Net For Window

Pleated doors & windows planned have very large dimensions. The height of windows can exceed 3 meters in most Villas...
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Pleated Mosquito Net for UPVC Doors & Windows

Mosquito Net Systems are Manufacturer of Pleated Mosquito Net for UPVC Doors & Windows. Pleated Mosquito Net can be installed...

Barrier Free Mosquito Net Doors

Barrier Free Doors is one which enables people with disabilities to move about safety and freely and to use the facilities within the built environment

Partition System

Honeycomb Blackout is lined with aluminium foil making excellent blackout blind & insulator of heat.
Rolldown Mosquito Net for Window

Rolldown Mosquito Net

Roller Mosquito Net for UPVC & Aluminum windows are manufactured at Delhi/NCR by Mosquito Net Systems. The product is
Mosquito Net for Doors & Window in Chennai

Largest Manufacturer of Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net is a Specialist Manufacturer of Mosquito Nets for UPVC Doors & Windows. The company has the most innovative products from the stable of Insect Shield.
Mosquito Net Screens can be fitted on UPVC, Aluminum & Wooden Doors & Windows. The company has Manufacturing Franchisee and Marketing License from Insect Shield for Chennai.

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Mosquito Net Screens honors its commitment to supply Best Quality, Workmanship and Installation in the Retractable Insect Protection Systems manufactured at their factory. All retractable systems are covered under warranty of 5 years for manufacturing defects. Highly trained technicians supported by customer care department is ready to help consumers with 48 hours of a complaint being registered.


Mosquito Net Screens in their quest for Quality and perfection have collaborated with T.I.E. – Italy. T.I.E. is based in Florence & is the largest manufacturer of Fiberglass Mosquito Mesh Rolls in Europe. The company follows European Union quality standards and manufactures large range of Fiberglass mesh rolls. Insect Shield is exclusive India partner of T.I.E.- Italy. Magnetic Mosquito Net, Roller Mosquito Net & Tuffscreen Pet Mesh are T.I.E. products.


Greenweb – Germany is registered company in Germany specialising in Retractable Mosquito Net Screens & Plisse mesh. The company has a production plant in Shanghai, China where all the components and systems are manufactured. Greenweb, Germany has the technical knowledge to innovate & design products to be sold in European markets. Greenweb has Insect Shield in India as their sole importer and marketing agent.

Insect Shield 5 year Warranty

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    Sliding Window Mosquito Net For Doors

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    Pleated Window Mosquito Net Use

    Pleated mosquito Net for windows has a tremendous potential to be the most used Insect Protection in India. This is not an empty statement nor a biased approach to this article. The statement is made keeping in mind 2 commonly used sayings “Customer is the King “& “Necessity is mother of Invention”

    The existing Mosquito Net for Windows were seriously not the product a consumer required. The mosquito net used at most homes had number of problems and anomalies. India has traditionally exterior opening casement shutter (Wooden, UPVC & Aluminium) in 95 % of households. Unlike Europe, India in past has always had small windows and outside opening wooden shutters and inside opening mesh shutters in wood. With the introduction of UPVC & Aluminium doors and windows in past 7 to 8 years, the window configuration remains the same with a major exception i.e. inside opening casement mesh shutter is now missing. The windows are now UPVC/Aluminium & glass and are relatively much larger.

    How does Pleated Mosquito Net for Window Benefit a consumer is the issue we would like to explain in the following article.

    The main functions of a Window mesh shutter are clean and enough air circulation inside the house and abundant intake of natural light with least obstruction. More over mesh shutter should not take too much space for installation, should not be hampered by handle of glass shutter and should need least of maintence. The mesh shutter should be all of above and also should have very small holes so that the smallest flying insect does not penetrate the safe environs of an users home. To top it all, the window mosquito net system should also withstand substantial wind pressure on higher floors of a high rise building or on ocean shore.

    All the above items are definitely a tall order to be fulfilled by a single product but then Pleated Window mosquito Net was launched to take care of all the required parameters and even more.   Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows has been designed to be as less obtrusive & obstructive as possible. Plisse mesh, the mesh used in Window Pleated Mosquito Net System has minute 20 x 20 holes and is woven in Polyester yarn. 20 X 20 holes do not allow smallest of insects to come in and Polyester yarn ensures that the mesh is thin & obstructive yet strong, rustproof, waterproof, saline resistant & does not emit harmful gases. So the polyester mesh takes care of Light intake, proper ventilation & prevents entry of small insects. The frame of Pleated Window Mosquito Net System is only 25 mm thick and it nestles beautifully on UPVC or Aluminium window frames. As both frames are coated in exact matching shades it is very difficult to locate the attachment. On the movement front, the handle of main casement glass shutter never ever hampers the movement of pleated net shutter as pleated mesh is always operated only after casement main shutter is opened outside on its hinges. Regarding the problem of wind pressure effecting the function of Pleated Window Mosquito Net System, wind clips have been introduced to anchor Plisse mesh to top & bottom aluminium tracks. Pleated Window Mosquito Net System has been able to match all the requirements mentioned in the above paragraph and to top it all this product saves valuable space in an apartment by using only 30 mm space for its horizontal movement.

    It is very safe therefore to infer that Pleated Window Mosquito Net System is far superior and user friendly than any other Mosquito Net Systems available in Indian or International markets.

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    What is Magnetic Mosquito Net ?

    Magnetic Mosquito Net Screen – Do It Yourself (DIY) Insect Protection System has been launched in Indian market in last 8 months. As the consumers are searching online for more choices of good mosquito screen and as installation team is difficult to find and are more expensive, DIY – Do It Yourself concept is new addition in market place. Magnetic Mosquito Screen is a very consumer friendly product and has a 4 step process from start to finish. It is as easy as saying 1,2,3,4

    1. Easy to Measure
    2. Easy to Order
    3. Easy to Fabricate
    4. Easy to Install

    The Product

    Magnetic Mosquito Net consists of 6 components
    1. PVC Strip with Groove to hold the mesh. The length of PVC groove can be 2.5 or 3.0 meters and is available in several colors. Ensure PVC Strip is extruded of virgin PVC or else it will of very low quality and will break in heat within a short period. If the material of PVC strip is recycled PVC then the brittle strip will when magnet strip is press fitted in the groove. The strips should be thin enough to be cut by ordinary scissors.
    2. Magnetic Strip for inserting in the groove of PVC strip to hold the mesh tightly in place. Magnetic Strip is available in rolls of 50 meters length. The magnetic strip has to have long lasting magnetic power. Some companies offer life time warranty of magnetic strip power. The magnetic strip has to be soft enough to be press fitted in the groove of PVC strip.
    3. Magnetic Strip with double side adhesive tape for anchoring/sticking on frame of window. The double side tape should be either VHB – Very High Bonding Adhesive from a good company or from the branded company 3M. The magnetic strip roll is 50 meters in length and it should be soft & ductile. The magnetic strip has to be strong in magnetic pull as this strip is the anchor for Magnetic Mosquito System.
    4. Corners with Pull Clip – The 4 corners are made from hard plastic and are very strong. The PVC strips are inserted in the corners to fabricate Magnetic Mosquito Net system. The edges and finish of corners should be smooth so that it does not cut the fingers of person who is fabricating the net. The pull clip should be made of stainless steel so that it does not rust. The pull clip should be strong enough to pull the mesh up when an user wants to close or open window shutter.
    5. Wind Clips & Connectors – Wind Clips have double side tape on the rear and they are stuck on the window at strategic points so that the wind does not blow Magnetic Mosquito Net away. Wind clips are made of mild steel sheet and are powder coated in the same colour as PVC strip. Connectors are meant to connect 2 PVC strip to make bigger Magnetic screen (Which is not advised) or to use smaller strips and save some money.

    Please be advised that Magnetic Mosquito Net is DIY – Do It Yourself product and even an young girl of 12 can easily fabricate & install it on her windows.

    Magnetic Mosquito NetInsect Screen

    Benefits of Magnetic Mosquito Screen

    Magnetic Mosquito Net for windows is the latest innovative product for Indian consumers in Insect Protection Systems products range. It is not a very new product as it was being imported in the country for past few years. Unfortunately the importers could not market Magnetic Mosquito Net effectively among the budget friendly consumers of India. In the following passage, we will explain Magnetic Mosquito net by highlighting the benefits and finally we will do a SWOT analysis.

    Budget Product – Magnetic Mosquito Net is one the most value for money budget Insect Protection System available in India. The product is technically quite advanced with warranty clause applicable on Magnet. It is a very versatile product and yet it is one of the most economical Mosquito Net in India. Moreover with little ingenuity & labor, Magnetic Mosquito Net can be removed from old habitat & reused at new place of stay.

    Usage Area – Magnetic Mosquito Net is ideal solution for all types of windows & ventilators. The maximum size limitation for is 5 feet Width X 5 feet Height. The magnetic strip with double side tape can be used on UPVC, Aluminum & Polished Wood Surfaces. The double side tape does not spoil the window frame as no nails or screws are hammered to hold the magnet in place. Magnetic Mosquito Net can cover windows even in high rise buildings.

    Users Profile – Consumers with transferable jobs, people living in rental accommodation, students staying in hostels, Executives using PG accommodation & residents of Low Cost housing accommodations are buyer and users of Magnetic Mosquito Net. The product is very reasonably priced and very useful. The satisfaction level and feeling of money well spent of a user is very high even if the product is used for a limited period of 12 – 18 months.

    Sticks to Window Frame – Velcro tape is usually nailed or hammered on to wooden frame to install Velcro Mosquito Net. For UPVC & Aluminum frames, self-adhesive Velcro tape used available in Indian market is bad quality which malfunctions & loses adhesion in heat thus making Velcro Mosquito net useless to stop mosquitoes. Magnetic Tape Strip with double tape uses the best companies or suppliers and it is either VHB (Very High Bond) or 3M. This good quality adhesion ensures that Magnetic Mosquito Net does not peel off in high heat.

    Reusable – Magnetic Mosquito Net for windows can be easily removed from old accommodation & reused in the new house. The sizes can be altered very easily by either making small mesh by cutting the old larger mesh. In case the new window is larger than the existing old mesh, connectors can be used to make a larger size. Mesh & connectors are the only additional products to be ordered from the suppliers. 3 M double side tape can be either ordered or bought from the market.

    Do It Yourself  DIY – Magnetic Mosquito Net for windows is a Do It Yourself Insect Protection System available in India. The young Indians can easily Measure, Order Online, Alter a Little & Install on windows. Magnetic Mosquito Net gives a consumer freedom from expensive Freelancers & Installers. The price and ease of availability/installation Mosquito Magnetic Screen is very good on internet but due diligence should be done before ordering the product.

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    Door & Window Mosquito Net Manufacturers in India

    Mosquito nets for doors & windows are becoming a very sought after product across India. This has happened due to various reasons. Few of the reasons are – Apartment living, Pre-fabricated UPVC & Aluminium doors/windows, Builders not installing mosquito net, Apartment small carpet area, etc. The demand of mosquito nets for door/window in apartments has skyrocketed in last 2 years spawning unscrupulous freelancers or suppliers who are cheating consumers by offering substandard & low quality products. These fly by night operators believe in quick profits and sell substandard products at a very high price to unsuspecting customers. Moreover these freelancer suppliers are not equipped to provide after sales service to consumers as they are mainly traders & not manufacturers.

    India has quite a few manufacturers of mosquito net for doors & windows with localised presence on regional basis. Spectra sales is localised in Hyderabad, R K Ecran is in Coimbatore, Insect Shield is the only company with network all over India and Phifer has strong presence in South India. Some Indian mosquito net manufacturers have collaborations with European or American mosquito net companies. These companies are Insect Shield with European collaboration & Phifer with American collaboration. Saint Gobain & T.I.E.- Italy are international companies selling fiberglass mesh rolls in India. The major manufacturer of mosquito net for doors & windows are mentioned for the convenience of consumers to choose from the best company and the best product available.

    R K Ecran, Coimbatore – Very old manufacturer of Mosquito Net for doors & windows with factory in Coimbatore and few dealers in Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. The company has good quality products in hinged mosquito nets such as casement net window & doors. The company has a very strong technical team for research & development and believes in proving quality solution to consumers.

    Fine Net Mosquito Proofing, Cochin – Fine Net proofing from Cochin has taken the responsibility of manufacturing quality mosquito net for doors and windows. The company has a factory in outskirts of Cochin and a sales office in centre of city. The company manufactures and sells total range of mosquito nets for doors & windows. The strength of Net Proofing is in a very strong installation & service team to cater to consumers across Kerala. The company has dealers in Calicut, Kottayam & few other towns.

    Zoro, Kolkata – With a factory in Kolkata and offices in Ranchi & Bhubaneswar, Zoro is the best manufacturer in Eastern India. The company has displayed complete range of door & window mosquito net in their showroom at Chinar Park, Kolkata. Zoro biggest strength is quick delivery within 48 hours. As this company has a background of UPVC, Zoro has best solutions for mosquito net for UPVC doors & windows. The company is only 5 years old in Kolkata but it has become the biggest player because the quality manufacturing and efficient after sales service. Zoro has dealers in Jamshedpur, Siliguri, Durgapur, Dhanbad & few more.

    Spectra Sales, Hyderabad – This company has been manufacturing mosquito net for doors & windows for last 15 years. Spectra sales have been the pioneer in market for launching mosquito mesh systems of all variety. The company is mostly engaged in business to business sales and manufactures components. Spectra Sales has sub dealers and freelancers all over Telanagna & Andhra Pradesh. The low quality components used are mainly produced locally with cheap mesh PP being imported from China. The company has the widest product range in South India.

    Pinchood, Bangalore – Pinchood the quality supplier & manufacturer of mosquito net for windows and doors in IT city Bangalore. The company is managed by a dynamic owner who has been the largest supplier catering to customers of Bangalore for last 10 years. The product range is quite good but they have launched new innovative products in last 6 years. The present range is sufficient & has new innovative ideas. Pinchood is strong on closing new orders but has very positive outlook about after sales service. Pinchood is mainly in direct consumer interaction & sales and does not serve any dealer network.

    Mesh Workz, Pune – Pune has a local manufacturer & supplier of retractable mosquito screens. This small company has quality products and serve mainly door & window fabricators. Mesh Workz has motorised mosquito roll down net for large windows. The company has pleated mesh & roll down mosquito net. Mesh Workz has a pleated screen similar to barrier free but the product has a very serious flaw of having cord at floor level. The cord will definitely get damaged and will need regular maintenance. Mesh Workz has been in Pune for past 6 years and they have been regular suppliers. The service aspect of Mesh Workz has been below the expectation of consumers.

    Matts Corner, Bangalore – The pioneer of mosquito mesh screens in India. Matts Corner was the leading company 8 years back. The company has subsequently shrunk and has restricted in only Bangalore market. The product range is average quality, no innovations and poor fabrication. Matts Corner has unsuccessfully tried to indigenise imported components. The local components are made with low quality raw material. Matts Corner has large range of products but the products are overpriced and outdated. Matts Corner has been dealing more with freelancers & have no supplies to professional door and window manufacturers. Matts Corner has not added any product in their range in last 12 months.

    Phifer, Chennai – The Company is into insect screens & roller blinds. Phifer is currently available at more than 75 dealer showrooms across South India. Phifer is professionally managed and has a very large range of mosquito net screens. The concentration of dealers is mainly in Tamil Nadu & low in Andhra Pradesh. Phifer has a production in Chennai and the factory has latest machines for making retractable insect screens. The factory follows a very strict quality policy and systems.  Phifer also has a factory in USA from where they import fiberglass insect screen rolls. The products of Phifer are good quality & expensive. The service centre of Phifer is prompt and the technicians are well trained.

    Insect Shield, New Delhi – The Company manufactures the best Retractable Mosquito Net Systems in India. Insect Shield does not market Hinged or fixed insect nets and also lacks motorised roll down insect protection system. Insect Shield has collaboration with Greenweb-Germany & T.I.E.- Italy. The main product range is Barrier Free mosquito net, Pleated Mosquito net & Roller Mosquito Net. Insect Shield has 4 regional offices, 18 franchisee and over 75 dealers. Insect Shield has launched DIY Magnetic Mosquito Screen, Partition System & few other products. The production unit has best machines such as Ultra Sonic Welding & Pneumatic Needle hole machine. Insect Shield has a 5 year warranty policy and has trained team stationed in all major distribution points. Insect Shield is a key supplier to UPVC & Aluminium door and window manufacturers.

    Roll On , New Delhi – Roll On Overseas is supplier of ROTO components and along with Roto the company is supplying mosquito net systems to door and window fabricators. They have good quality product and have good delivery schedule. Roll On does not have a dealer network and have limited approach to direct consumers. The best product of Roll on Overseas is Super Screen Pet mesh which is imported from USA. Super Screen is the best and strongest fiberglass mesh in India. Roll on has a factory in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Motorised roll down mesh and case mesh doors & windows are other good products from this company. Roll on overseas are now diversifying in powder coating and fabricating Roto Aluminium windows & doors.