Pleated mosquito Net for windows has a tremendous potential to be the most used Insect Protection in India. This is not an empty statement nor a biased approach to this article. The statement is made keeping in mind 2 commonly used sayings “Customer is the King “& “Necessity is mother of Invention”

The existing Mosquito Net for Windows were seriously not the product a consumer required. The mosquito net used at most homes had number of problems and anomalies. India has traditionally exterior opening casement shutter (Wooden, UPVC & Aluminium) in 95 % of households. Unlike Europe, India in past has always had small windows and outside opening wooden shutters and inside opening mesh shutters in wood. With the introduction of UPVC & Aluminium doors and windows in past 7 to 8 years, the window configuration remains the same with a major exception i.e. inside opening casement mesh shutter is now missing. The windows are now UPVC/Aluminium & glass and are relatively much larger.

How does Pleated Mosquito Net for Window Benefit a consumer is the issue we would like to explain in the following article.

The main functions of a Window mesh shutter are clean and enough air circulation inside the house and abundant intake of natural light with least obstruction. More over mesh shutter should not take too much space for installation, should not be hampered by handle of glass shutter and should need least of maintence. The mesh shutter should be all of above and also should have very small holes so that the smallest flying insect does not penetrate the safe environs of an users home. To top it all, the window mosquito net system should also withstand substantial wind pressure on higher floors of a high rise building or on ocean shore.

All the above items are definitely a tall order to be fulfilled by a single product but then Pleated Window mosquito Net was launched to take care of all the required parameters and even more.   Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows has been designed to be as less obtrusive & obstructive as possible. Plisse mesh, the mesh used in Window Pleated Mosquito Net System has minute 20 x 20 holes and is woven in Polyester yarn. 20 X 20 holes do not allow smallest of insects to come in and Polyester yarn ensures that the mesh is thin & obstructive yet strong, rustproof, waterproof, saline resistant & does not emit harmful gases. So the polyester mesh takes care of Light intake, proper ventilation & prevents entry of small insects. The frame of Pleated Window Mosquito Net System is only 25 mm thick and it nestles beautifully on UPVC or Aluminium window frames. As both frames are coated in exact matching shades it is very difficult to locate the attachment. On the movement front, the handle of main casement glass shutter never ever hampers the movement of pleated net shutter as pleated mesh is always operated only after casement main shutter is opened outside on its hinges. Regarding the problem of wind pressure effecting the function of Pleated Window Mosquito Net System, wind clips have been introduced to anchor Plisse mesh to top & bottom aluminium tracks. Pleated Window Mosquito Net System has been able to match all the requirements mentioned in the above paragraph and to top it all this product saves valuable space in an apartment by using only 30 mm space for its horizontal movement.

It is very safe therefore to infer that Pleated Window Mosquito Net System is far superior and user friendly than any other Mosquito Net Systems available in Indian or International markets.